Hasle AquaFun 310 boat, NEW in 2024
UPDATE March 1, 2024
Due to circumstances, the Hasle company from Norway has not been able to complete the desired modifications to the AquaFun boats in a timely manner. Therefore, we unfortunately had to decide to postpone the introduction of the Hasle AquaFun 310 in the Netherlands by at least one year. In the meantime we will of course continue to sell the successful Hasle SummerFun 365 from stock. Check out our ready-to-sail stock of SummerFun boats.

We are pleased to announce that Bootjes.nl will also supply the self-bailing Hasle AquaFun 310 from stock in 2024 in 2 variants and in various colors. Several new colors of the successful Hasle SummerFun 365 will also be added to our stock in 2024.

Hasle AquaFun 310 boats are slightly smaller than Hasle SummerFun 365 boats. AquaFun boats are very stable and, like the SummerFun boats, are made from virtually indestructible and low-maintenance polyethylene. Due to capacity constraints and the high demand for canoes, which Hasle also produces, Hasle decided a few years ago to focus on SummerFun boats and an extensive range of canoes. As a result, the production of AquaFun boats was discontinued for several years. However, Hasle has since expanded production and, at the request of Bootjes.nl, will once again produce AquaFun 310 boats in two variations for the watersport season of 2024.

The first variation is a simple self-bailing AquaFun boat, 3.1 meters in length, with a bench (see photo below). We will primarily offer this AquaFun 310 with an ePropulsion electric outboard motor. It provides excellent performance on this boat! In more and more areas and cities, only electric boating is permitted. With an electric AquaFun boat, you can continue to navigate in these areas and canals.

There will also be a special version available as a fishing boat in army green. When combined with a matching trailer, this indestructible fishing boat can easily be transported anywhere. Since it can be carried by two people, this AquaFun fishing boat can be launched in almost any fishing spot.

The second variation is a self-draining AquaFun, also 3.1 meters in length, with a joyckey seat and a steering console, designed for maximum fun. This compact AquaFun boat is virtually indestructible and a sustainable alternative to inflatable ribs. AquaFun 310 boats with jockey seat and steering consoles will be primarily offered with a Yamaha 6 HP outboard motor, but upon request, any other outboard motor up to 9.9 HP or an electric outboard motor can be installed on this AquaFun boat.

More details about Hasle AquaFun 310 boats and new colors of the Hasle SummerFun 365 boat will be available online in the first quarter of 2024. Keep an eye on the Bootjes.nl website for updates.

Do you have questions about our Hasle boats? Please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

We wish you happy holidays in advance and a fantastic 2024.

To be continued in 2024.

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