Summerfun boat with electric motor In more and more cities, boats with combustion engines are no longer allowed to sail. For this reason, we can equip our Hasle SummerFun boat with an electric outboard motor from ePropulsion.

Due to the size and weight, ePropulsion outboard motors are very suitable for SummerFun boats. The electric ePropulsion outboard motor is specifically designed for small boats up to 1.5 tons. This means it has enough power for a SummerFun boat weighing only 140 kilograms. The performance is comparable to a traditional 3 HP outboard motor. Due to the high thrust of electric motors, sailing with this quiet outboard motor is a unique experience. Depending on the number of people and the load, a top speed of up to 10 kilometers per hour is achievable.

ePropulsion outboard motors are easy to operate, even for beginners. No hassle with starting, just turn it on and sail. With no disturbing noise during sailing, you can truly enjoy the silence around you. Listen to the rippling water, the singing of birds, and the tranquility of the environment. Since you are sailing electrically, you can also gain access to cities and other waters where boats with traditional combustion engines are no longer allowed.

ePropulsion electric outboard motors are durable and require less maintenance than traditional combustion engines. With an ePropulsion outboard motor, you ensure yourself a user-friendly outboard motor that is very quiet. Everything is aimed at providing an enjoyable and eco-friendly sailing experience.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing day, an adventurous fishing trip, or just quality time on the water with friends and family, a Hasle SummerFun boat with an electric ePropulsion outboard motor offers a unique way to enjoy water sports.

Experience the benefits of electric sailing and discover why electric sailing with an ePropulsion outboard motor is the future of water sports!

Check here for the price of a Hasle SummerFun boat with ePropulsion.

    14-06-2024 11:30